What We Believe about Money

Early Adopters can build a TROPTIONS Xchange that changes everything

It seems clear to me that what we believe is the foundation of currency of all types. To accept currency of any type, you must believe that the currency is worthy of the deal. After all, the U.S. dollar declares that it is supported solely by the “Good Faith and Credit” of the U.S. government. Everyone should know by now that the dollar and most currencies are “Fiat currency.”

Fiat currency is money because we say it is money. It is also referred to as “legal tender” meaning means that it can legally satisfy debts. Again, this standard exists because we say so.

We can still exchange goods and services for other offers other than fiat money as long as we have faith in what is being offered.

You see, once we went off the gold standard, all money is built on faith. And right now, faith in the U.S. dollar is falling. In 2022, we are told that inflation is about 6.8%, which is terrible and causes doubt … which is the opposite of faith.

So, let’s explore faith and money.

Right now, currencies including cryptocurrencies are either tied to the indexes or exchanges that tell us what the currency is worth compared to other measures. Many investors are exchanging out of fiat money into currencies whose value is tied to little more than the tides of popularity, popular trends, and celebrity endorsements.

There are a few currencies that have an asset base in holdings, business success, or financial transactions. These are not pure speculation but are supported by something tangible.

TROPTIONS are a crypto trade asset that has purposely avoided being listed on an exchange because they were not part of the hype game that some describe and “Pump and Dump”. The carefully engineered use of social media, celebrity comments, and hyperbolic announcements bring in new believers to buy the hype and put money into a cryptocurrency with a hopeful but uncertain future.

Wouldn’t our faith be better placed into a crypto asset that was supported by hundreds of actual financial trades each month? Better than a listing on an index, wouldn’t our faith be better grounded in a token that had real and valuable business transactions as its measure of value?

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TROPTIONS offer something quite different in wealth building that goes beyond waiting for your cryptocurrencies to rise or fall. TROPTIONS are used to buy items and leverage your wealth.

The Leaders Step Forward While Others Think About It

In the next phase, TROPTIONS is working to introduce a free app that allows TROPTIONS holders to exchange and spend TROPTIONS with ease. When this happens, these somewhat unknown trade assets will explode into communities as a kind of exciting grassroots virtual community.

Those who master the TROPTIONS concept today can rise to the owners of their own crypto community where businesses and consumers find better ways to buy whatever they need without using their scarce dollars.

Right now, there is the ability to establish your claim for a TROPTIONS Xchange where you live. As several important steps are set to happen in 2022 and the free TROPTIONS app rolls out, those who are prepared are going to have a powerful tool for wealth building.

Where to start? Get certified for TROPTIONS at www.troptions.org

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